This week went fine. My mentee was getting a little off task from a transfer student who came from another hour but he still got his work done. I’m not feeling confident in our showcase because my mentee wants to do something I want to do and I’ve already asked him a couple times “What do you want to do” and he redirects it back at me. I know he’s a considerate person and gets indecisive when I ask him for his opinion and when he does get indecisive, I get indecisive too and it’s all a big mess. I also feel that we’re going at a really fast pace and my mentee and I have to keep up with the pace. I think we’re rushing into the showcase a bit too much. I just want to do something he’s passionate about but I believe we have a mutual interest in the music topic so I think we’ll stick with it. I’ll try to be more confident in our showcase!


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