This week with my mentee was just the usual. I wasn’t feeling motivated yesterday but I tried to push myself for my mentee. Otherwise it would have made my mentee lose his motivation too. I wish I could be more assuring and make him do his assignments because I feel like I’m only there to remind him to do his homework. Looking at the brighter side, our relationship has definitely improved a lot and I feel that me and him could become friends. During the positive intervention, we both gave each other really good words for each other and he made me feel great about myself. I really hope my mentee does well in his future.



Comparing myself then to now, even if it was a small amount of time I have seen myself improve as a better person, and knowing I am capable of doing more than I thought I can do. Mentoring has shown me that I am patient, driving, willing, confident, open-minded and considerate. I have learned that I really enjoy guiding and teaching my mentee, especially math since we’re both passionate about it. I can relate my experience with The Alchemist because the character Santiago learns many new experiences and evolves into a person that brings out the best of himself all the while his personal experiences makes the impossible, possible.


This week was pretty fun and decent! My mentee wasn’t really into the field trip as much but I tried to make it fun for him and he did seem to get into the mood a little more. The bus ride there and back wasn’t very enjoyable because I was feeling claustrophobic due to the crowded space in the shared seats. Overall, this week was fine.


This week went fine. My mentee was getting a little off task from a transfer student who came from another hour but he still got his work done. I’m not feeling confident in our showcase because my mentee wants to do something I want to do and I’ve already asked him a couple times “What do you want to do” and he redirects it back at me. I know he’s a considerate person and gets indecisive when I ask him for his opinion and when he does get indecisive, I get indecisive too and it’s all a big mess. I also feel that we’re going at a really fast pace and my mentee and I have to keep up with the pace. I think we’re rushing into the showcase a bit too much. I just want to do something he’s passionate about but I believe we have a mutual interest in the music topic so I think we’ll stick with it. I’ll try to be more confident in our showcase!


This week was just like the usual. My mentee and I got closer. We were able to make jokes and talk more comfortably, and I felt more open towards him. Our room was a little more gloomy than usual but I want to strive on with positivity and get everything done. We’re currently trying to figure out what we should do for our showcase and we decided on music, for now.


This week wasn’t that good as usual but we still got things done even though my mentee didn’t really want to do anything because he was feeling sick. On Totally 20, I wrote all the answers for him when I asked him the questions that he needed to answer. I feel that my mentee isn’t really into Totally 20 but does it to get something done. My only complaint is I wish that the supervisers would be less dictating and would actually let us lead our mentee with more freedom than being scrutinized.


This week, I feel that me and my mentee, Tyrell have gotten closer. I’m really comfortable around him and I also feel that he’s getting less shy. He’s a good student. He’s caught up with all his work and I’m proud of him. I really like that he’s open to my suggestions, since I always present different choices for him to choose from. I’ve received compliments from my peers and it means a lot to know that I’m doing good as a mentor. It just shows me that I can also be the best and bring the best out of people.


Today, we discussed about the pros and cons about the leadership program. On Wednesday, I had my first mentee that I took on because his mentor was on a leave for medical reasons. Tyrell was really cool and quiet, he had this comforting aura that I liked. He wasn’t pushy, he was more anticipating and curious to want to do things, which I appreciated a lot so I can experience and further my skills as a mentor.


My first week mentoring at North View Junior High, which was on January 6th, 2016, was very enjoyable. I didn’t get a student yet but I will soon once everything is settled and figured out. I really had fun with a peer, shadowing him and helping him mentor his student. I think I have some of it down and I believe I can handle mentoring student(s). It’d be something I would like to do, help and assist those who need it.